Security Maintenance Program


Many organisations are in a position where they are unable to reliably budget on their Technology/Security costs as they have no idea what problems are going to occur in the coming weeks or months.


In the traditional break fix world the supplier makes money whenever the customer has problems with their Security infrastructure. The bigger the problem or the longer it goes on the more money the support organisation will charge to fix it. We feel that as your security expert we have the responsibility to try and ensure you do not have problems and believe you should be paying us to ensure you do not have problems and not paying extra when problems do occur.

The purpose of our security maintenance progrom is to provide a comprehensive support arrangement where preventative tasks are taken care of and you do not get unexpected support bills. By taking these steps we believe we are in a position where we can take the risk with the ongoing support of your security infrastructure and be able to provide you with a fixed rate to provide that support on an ongoing basis irrespective of how many faults or onsite visits you require.


The maintenance program is based on a fixed regular fee for ongoing Security support for your infrastructure and effectively gives you lifetime parts and labour support with no surprise costs. 

To discuss how an ongoing support structure could benefit your company please 


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