Conbrio Technology is a family led business, our ethos is to support our staff, community and environment, and we do this by:


We are proud to offer work training and cadetships to students and new entrants to the workforce. 

We believe that all employers have a responsibility to train for their industry and New Zealand needs a continual stream of skilled young people entering the workforce.
Health and Safety

At Conbrio we believe safety comes first, we aim to ensure our staff are doing things in the safest way possible, by training and constant evaluation of how we do things.

Conbrio Security Staff are all Site Safe certified.

We believe this is one practicable step that can be taken to improve health and safety awareness.
Community and Environment

With our business The Ark we are proud to be able to provide cost effective refurbished computers for education and community initiatives to help remove the digital divide (ensure those who may not have had access to technology). We achieve this through government and community funded initiatives, corporate sponsorships (where corporates donate their current computer equipment as it is updated, The Ark refurbishes them, and distributes them to community schools) and our own charity initiatives.

We are constantly looking at ways to reduce, re-use and recycle, we strive to have minimal waste and packaging.