Conbrio Technology is a complete Technology Manufacturer and Distributor of Hardware, Software and Installation Services. Due to Conbrio capabilities and product relationships we can provide a unique range of IT, Network and Security Products.

To fully understand why Conbrio are unique please read below our Conbrio Timeline which helps explain the range of business that make up Conbrio Technology. Each business unit can compete in its marketplace against other solutions however if you leverage our complete capability we can do things no one else can.

Conbrio Technology is the result of several specialist business that have been bought together to provide a range of skills that will continue to be more important as technology continues to converge on the computer IP network.

*   In October 2014 Conbrio Technology Group Ltd purchased Public Technology Ltd.  Public Technology Services include Enterprise - Storage, HPC, Disaster Recovery and Hosting, Hardware Rentals and more.


*  In September 2014 Conbrio Technology Ltd have merged with Business Solutions Northland to form Conbrio Technology Group Ltd, which means we are now able to offer you Printing, Video and Imaging Solutions. 


*  In February 2014 Conbrio Technology partnered with iCQR Security to form Conbrio Security, which is a registered security provider that has the capability to install and support a complete range of security products including monitored intruder alarms, Security Camera's - CCTV and building access solutions. 


*   In August 2013 Conbrio Technology completed the acquisition of the Fivo Wi-Fi business from Smartpay

*   In January 2013 Conbrio Technology purchased the Site WiFi and Site Kiosk business's from Thisisme Web Solutions. Site

WiFi is a business providing WiFi solutions mainly into accommodation and corporate organisations. The Site Kiosk business provides Internet Kiosks both free and coin operated into public and private locations. This business is a natural addition to the existing Fivo business we are already involved in and strengthens our overall network offering.

*   In August 2012 Conbrio Technology purchased Insite Technology from Renaissance Ltd. Insite Technology is a New Zealand business that builds quality new Computer Workstations, Servers and Laptops. Insite has been in existence since 
the early 1990's and has provided thousands of computers to New Zealand Education and Business organisations during that time under the Insite and Ultra brands.

*   In November 2011 Conbrio Technology partnered with Smartpay Ltd to provide the sales and support capability for the Fivo Wifi network. This business provides managed Wi-Fi solutions for Cafés, Hotels, Convention Centres and public spaces throughout New Zealand with a mixture of paid and free Wi-Fi offerings.

*   In April 2010 Conbrio Technology purchased Suntech Group a specialist security company providing alarm, surveillance and building access solutions. Suntech Group can trace its history back to 1996 and with over 8000 customers has been a serious provider in this market place.
*   In April 2009 Conbrio Technology purchased a shareholding in Vadacom a New Zealand specialist IP voice innovator who brings an advanced telephony capability to the family.

*   In April 2008 Conbrio Technology purchased Mycroft Systems a systems integration and software reseller in both New Zealand and Australia. Mycroft Systems can trace its roots back to 1982 and provides a range of services and software products for Mainframes, Unix, AS400 and Windows based systems

*   Conbrio Technology was formed in October 2006 with the acquisition of The Ark one of New Zealand's most recognized brands involved in the re-use and recycling of computer equipment. The Ark has been in business since 1995 and during that time has helped thousands of New Zealand kids and families get their hands on keyboards.